Welcome to The Design Website the only blog where design fields collide with the explosive energy of a toddler’s birthday party. Here, we take on the monumental task of covering every design discipline known to humanity—and a few only known to dolphins (apparently, they’re big on aqua aesthetics). From the timeless elegance of architecture to the mind-bending interfaces of web design, from the lush vistas of landscape design to the cozy nooks of interior design, and even the sparkly chaos of event design, we’ve got it all.

Why limit yourself to one flavor when you can have the whole buffet? Imagine blending the precision of industrial design with the flair of fashion design, stirred with the practical spoon of ergonomic design. Sounds like a recipe for disaster? Perfect, you’re in the right place! At The Design Website we believe that when it comes to design, more is more, and yes, we do sometimes compete to see which design field can out-crazy the other.

Our blog posts are peppered with insights from designers who once thought using Comic Sans in a professional presentation was a good idea (we’ve since convinced them otherwise). We explore deep philosophical questions like, “If a graphic designer falls in a forest, and no one is around to critique it, does it make a style?” and “Can we convince urban planners that cities don’t need to be in straight lines?”

The Design Website also offers a plethora of tips, from how to make your website so attractive it gets love letters, to making your interiors so cozy, your furniture starts to snooze. We’ve even got hacks on how to throw the kind of parties that make guests talk for decades (hint: it involves a lot of glitter and possibly a llama).

So, strap in and hold onto your mood boards, folks. Dive into our chaotic world where creativity is unleashed like a pack of puppies in a balloon store. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to escape the boredom of conventional designs, a student eager to learn why neon green is not an interior wall color, or just a curious soul wondering how many fonts are too many, The Design Website has something to tickle your design fancy. Let’s make design fun (and slightly unhinged) together!


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